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The Association is led by the College Board, made up of elected members with relevant knowledge and industry experience. Some of the College Board’s key responsibilities are to:

  • manage and control all assets, budgets and finances;

  • establish and maintain College policies;

  • review and approve curricula;

  • review and approve staff appointments, remuneration, contracts and conditions; and,

  • ensure that the College is a safe and secure learning environment for students.

The operations of the Board in a variety of areas are reviewed annually by State and Federal authorities. The annual report and financial statements are made available to members of the incorporated body who run the College at the AGM and are posted on this web site.

The Principal of the College is appointed by the Board and is responsible for implementing the policies and strategic direction decided by the Board.  Monthly reports inform the Board of the day to day operations of the College.  The Principal and Board are accountable to both state and federal bodies for implementing a sound academic program and managing a professional and competent teaching staff.

The College Board is comprised of five to seven members. Current board members and their portfolio areas are:

  • Gail Whiteside                        (Parents & Community)

  • Geoff Goodwin                      (Work Health & Safety)

  • Mason Linden                        (Chairman; ICT; Building)

  • Madeleine Mee                      (Finance, Treasurer)

  • Vincent Saunders-Francis    (Human Resources, Secretary)

The Board welcomes feedback and the opportunity to discuss ways in which we can continue to improve our College and ensure it is the best place to educate and grow our students.  We also take concerns or grievances very seriously and are more than happy to discuss concerns about the College in line with our Complaints Policy & Procedure.

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