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The Early Years K - 2

We believe that children are capable and confident learners who come to school with a rich background of experiences that are already shaping their future lives.  Each child has their own tools and preferences for learning and we believe that working with every child as an individual is how these will be fully developed and realised. 


Children learn best through play when they can recognise the relevance of their learning and when they can see and therefore value an educational outcome.  We believe that children are able to direct the path of their learning by following their own questions and interests.


The first eight years of every child’s life are critical in their overall development.  Research has shown that the experiences children have during this time will have far reaching effects into their future.  Children are questioners, goal setters, thinkers, learners, explorers.  We believe that each child holds the key to their own learning and should provide the lead for adults working with them.

The thoughts, feelings and ideas of children are highly valued in our early years classrooms.  Children are consulted about their learning in both its content and the environment it takes place in, with consideration being given to their voice.


Learning is a journey that continues for life.  Children in our early years classrooms are only a few years into this journey and we facilitate this continuing journey in the school environment.

Our learning curriculum is based around the key concepts of the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which are Belonging, Being and Becoming and our key learning outcomes are aligned to these concepts and encompass the following understandings:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity

  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Children are confident and involved learners

  • Children are effective communicators


Learning takes place through experiences and our early years classrooms have a balance of child led, child initiated and teacher supported experiences.  It is our strong belief that play provides opportunities for learning and the two cannot be separated.  We have a play-based learning program through which children learn social skills, test ideas, experiment and build new understandings.



The role of educators is to facilitate the learning of children.  We respect and care for all children who are part of our early years classes and seek to learn alongside them.  We develop positive relationships with each child through nurturing and thoughtful interactions.  Educators have many conversations with children encouraging them to wonder, question and share their thoughts.  We take on roles in play and create a welcoming, stable and safe environment for children through our involvement in their education.


We believe classrooms are not the only learning environments for children.  There is no physical boundary for learning.  We create and use learning environments that facilitate learning, nurture curiosity and encourage questioning and experimenting.  Our learning environments present challenges and acceptable risks that enable children to discover what they are capable of while being supported and safe.

Children need to be in the natural environment as much as possible for healthy development of their senses and to learn to value life in all its forms.  Experiencing local natural bushlands and observing changes brought about by wildlife, humans, weather and growth as well as using our outdoor school environment are high priorities in the early years classrooms.



We believe that learning is a collaborative effort between children, teachers and families.  Each play a valued role in the education of a child as they grow to become a more active part of the wider community.

Heritage College is a Christadelphian school and enjoys strong ties with the Christadelphian community in Perth.  Children are a valued part of this community as they develop their personal conviction, faith and values based on bible teaching.

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