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Physical Education

Students at Heritage College Perth enjoy at least 2 sessions of Physical Education per week from K-12. Each lesson involves skills, fitness and a match or competition.

Students are always encouraged to have fun yet at the same time work hard to achieve their maximum potential by engaging with fitness activities. The sports allow students to develop their sportsmanship, leadership and friendship qualities all whilst maintaining a Christ-like attitude as they learn how to both win and lose.


Heritage College has a huge range of sports which are played throughout the year utilising a wide variety of sporting equipment resulting in a smooth running phys ed program. As Heritage College has a small number of students this ensures that each students is given a fair go resulting in maximum participation and improvement for each student.

Students participate in various Carnivals throughout the year, including our Swimming Carnival, (held annually in Term 1), where the whole school comes together for a full day of high energy races and novelty events. Our Athletics Carnival (Term 3) and Cross Country (Term 2) events are similar, and students are all encouraged to participate and gain valuable skills and contribute to their factions overall points tally.

Heritage College participates in a number of Interschool sports events throughout the year. We are members of various interschool sports associations including IPSHA, SSWA and ACC which gives our students many opportunities to compete against other schools in a wide variety of sports.

The sporting culture at Heritage helps students to develop social, personal and intellectual skills in a safe learning environment.

Students within the K-PP age bracket develop skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, striking and running in order to develop fundamental motor skills required later on in life.

Physical Education lessons last 45 minutes with a PE Specialist Teacher.

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