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Lower Secondary - Years 7 - 10

Students learn best in an environment where they feel safe to be themselves, are stimulated with meaningful learning tasks, have plenty of learning resources and they have a sense of purpose and direction about their education. Our secondary studies build on the exceptional student culture developed in the primary years – a culture of friendly, supportive students who are goal focussed and who are pushing themselves to achieve their personal best.


At Heritage College we believe that students who have a plan for their future will be strongly motivated to achieve their goals. Our Career Education program assists students to plan their future career direction.  Work experience and “Try a trade” experiences in Year Ten allow students to see for themselves what a job may be like before they lock in to Senior Secondary pathways. Visits to Universities also give students a glimpse of what tertiary study is like.


Our Christ centred education shapes students’ personal values and builds their hope for the future. In a world where illegal drugs, sex and alcohol ruin many young lives, a Christian focus provides meaning, stability and purpose to young lives. Students learn how Christian living provides them with the best tools to be successful in all aspects of adult life and relationships.

Full curriculum coverage and preparation for Senior Secondary

Our dedicated and skilled teaching staff provide a wide range of learning experiences across the full curriculum, ensuring that every student has a solid foundation for future living and learning.

Maths strength through excellence in Maths tuition and self-paced learning

Heritage College has established a culture of students pushing themselves to work ahead in their Maths and we have a much higher than average percentage of students who study the top level of Maths in Senior Secondary. The key to this is an excellent online learning program along with strong teaching support throughout the school.

Small class sizes enable differentiation, extension and support

Students of all ability levels tend to feel unsupported in large classes. Our smaller class sizes mean that students can be catered for – extended or supported as needed.

Use of technology to enrich the curriculum

Our iPad program allows students to access the best of what technology can provide but within a safe, filtered environment which protects students from the dangers of the online world.

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