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About Us

Heritage College is a Christadelphian School offering high quality education supported by God focussed values for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Our school "family" is very important to us at Heritage College.  We believe that nurturing a caring, loving and Godly environment will ensure that students have a safe and positive place to learn and excel academically. 


We are strongly focused on providing student-centered learning to enable every child to excel and to achieve their best.  Having a close-knit school community means that every student is well known and cared for in an individual way. 


Understanding each student individually enables those who excel in certain areas the opportunity to advance at their own pace and conversely, students who require a little more support in some areas to have the reinforcement and support which they need.

Since our commencement in February 2006 Heritage College has set about to shape students for a life outside of the classroom.  Academically, physically and spiritually well rounded students will inevitably become highly valued citizens and adults in the future.

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