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Our Aims and Mission

The College aims to assist each individual student to achieve their maximum potential in the following areas:

  • Intellectually - by providing for the maximum development of each student’s academic potential in the preparation needed for their vocation and for participation in contemporary Australian society;

  • Spiritually - by providing an environment where students can learn to know God and His teachings from the Bible;

  • Physically - by providing opportunities to develop sporting pursuits, physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle;

  • Emotionally - by providing a caring, supportive community environment where Christ’s teachings are practised every day and opportunities given for students to learn that values and emotional responses need to be consistent with Christ’s teaching; and

  • Socially - by teaching students to be responsible for their own behaviour, to work well with others, and how to relate to people who hold similar or differing views.


Our Mission Statement

The College exists to provide students with a Christ-centred environment that:

  • encourages them to develop and fulfil their potential as a person committed to godly values such as honesty, purity, diligence and integrity;

  • helps all students to strive for excellence; using their talents in the service of others, and for the benefit of themselves;

  • provides a holistic education linked to Biblical values to realise the Aims of the College;

  • encourages respect for authority and for the standards of the College;

  • recognises the value of parents within the College community and supports them in their role as the prime educators of their children;

  • helps students to feel safe, accepted, valued and loved;

  • develops the knowledge and skills necessary to equip students for success in life, in employment and in relationships in society;

  • is open to children from Christadelphian and non-Christadelphian families who desire to work within the culture and ethos of the College;


339 Hawtin Road

Forrestfield  WA  6058

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