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About the Christadelphians

Heritage College Perth is a Christadelphian School.  There are a total of five Heritage Colleges in Australia located in Adelaide, Lake Macquarie (NSW), Melbourne, Sydney and of course Perth. 


The name Heritage College is derived from the sentiments contained in Psalm 127v3 "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD and the fruit of the womb is his reward". Christadelphian parents recognise their great responsibility as caretakers of the precious children God has given them, and our Colleges aim to assist in raising and nurturing these children to be like Jesus Christ.  Ultimately it is our hope that, by God's grace, these children will for themselves accept the Bible's teaching and that they will be welcomed into God's family and be part of His Kingdom on Earth in the future.


Membership of the Christadelphian faith is NOT a requirement to be enrolled at Heritage College Perth.  Whilst our Christadelphian, bible-based beliefs and values underpin everything we do at the College, we do not require membership for an enrolment.  We do however expect respect for our faith and for God from all our staff, students and their parents or guardians. Our school values and principles are based around the Bible and its teaching.

Consisting of a world-wide community of Bible students, Christadelphian fellowship is based on a common understanding of the Bible.  Our name comes from Colossians 1:2: “to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ…”. In the original Greek language which the New Testament was written, this phrase is “delphos en Christos”, which was reordered into “Christadelphian”.

The Christadelphians believe that God is the Creator of all things and that Jesus Christ is the son of God.  We believe that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected after three days by God, his Father.  We embrace the hope of resurrection to eternal life for all who come to an understanding of the truth that God has outlined in the Bible and who choose to be baptised.  We believe in the future return of Jesus Christ to the Earth. We believe that only God knows when this will occur however we have been given clear signs in the Bible and encourage ongoing study of the scriptures to continue to learn and see the messages God has included there for us.

Christadelphians have no paid clergy or centralised hierarchy (we are a lay organization) neither do we follow a charismatic leader or any internal text. Rather, we are tied together everywhere by our zeal for reading God’s Holy Scriptures and our understanding of His plan and purpose as He has revealed in the Bible.

For more information on Christadelphians and our beliefs and organisation please contact the College or go to

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